Monday, October 12, 2009

The Decision To Go Natural

For me the decision to go natural was based on my daily activities. I envied women of other races who casually get in the pool or workout and then wash their hair and think nothing of it. I love working out, it is a must to stay healthy. I love the pool and sunbathing on the beach, but it just took too much work to make my hair look decent. That is until I stumbled across black and bi-racial women who weren't chained to their hairstyle. I was amazed and I wanted in. I couldn't believe it, women just like me who could wash their everyday (if they should so choose) and not have to worry about their relaxer or how long it would take to flat iron it.

I started stalking and and blogs like and After reading over and over articles of naturally curly hair and wishing and dreaming my hair looked like that, I made my final decision. I am going natural.

I had just cut my hair into an asymmetrical bob in Nov 2008 and in April 2009 decided I wanted to grow my hair back. But this time without a relaxer. My hair was shaved in the back anyway what better time to start. So I have been wearing braids since June 2009. I plan to transition until April 2010, making a full year. Lately (in between braids) I have washing my hair and getting out with this head of beautiful curls except for this long side where it has been relaxed. I have been thinking about just chopping of 3 inches. My hair is short anyway...

Stay tuned to see if I do a mini chop or big chop before my next braids on 10/22.