Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dealing with Negativity and your Natural Hair

I have been looking at my hair and examining it over and over and over again. Mostly simply because I have not gotten used to it, but also because for some I had been looking at it through critics eyes. I know that I made my hair bigger than it really is. I had already mentally prepared myself for the comments and looks. However I didn't know about the actual emotions we through as natural individuals. The emotions that we have within ourselves about our own hair. But I like my hair and I am wearing it just like the rest of my fly arse styles. I ran across an article about misconceptions and issues dealing with natural hair.

Please read (or scan) the article and post your comments and maybe even share a situation you have personally dealt with.

I'll go first. I was so excited about my RCF (Rockn Curly Fro) that I sent picture mail to my sissy and her response was "You need to perm that shit". WOW! It stung a little bit because my baby sis always supports me and this time took a jab at me. I just let roll off and fluffed my fro...."eff it," is all I said.