Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rockn Curly Fro

What's Up CURLIES????
Last night I could NOT WAIT to get home and try out Curly Nikki's Twist n Curl ( ) using my brand new products.

Using my 2009 winter routine and her method of chunky twists is how I accomplished my Curly Fro. I had to modify it due to my hair being much, much, much shorter than hers. I used "no-snag" bands at the ends of my hair instead of perm rods. I did about 10-11 twist by finger parting. This is what it looked like after I twisted and banded:

I wrapped it up in a satin drawstring bonnet and went to sleep. To do the whole process it took me about an hour. When I awoke the following morning it was still a tiny bit damp so a dried it a little on low. Before I removed the twists I put some Organics Growth Oil on my scalp and worked it in. I then removed the duck bill clips and bands and used my fingers to pull through the hair from the scalp. I did not pull through the end of the curl except for places where my part needed to be disguised. On my next try I am going to add a center row to minimize parts.
Here is the final product:

I love it!!! I learned it is affectionately called a Jewish Fro but I hate that sounds racist. So I am choosing to call it the Rockn Curly new signature style.