Thursday, October 15, 2009

Official Winter 2009 Routine

...For now...

No really. Hey Curlies! I am proud to announce that after days of research and finding the products I need, I actually have a routine. Can I get a woot woot?? Okay lame. I have been transitioning using braids and corn rolls with the Crown and Glory Technique. In between braids I have to take care of my hair in a different manner.

So far the best method I have got is:

  • Wash/Cowash
  • Detangle
  • Condition
  • Leave-in
  • Moisturize
  • Seal
*Protein (Occurs only once every two weeks, my hair can't handle every week)
*Deep Conditioning weekly (That is still up for grabs)

This is my arsenal of daily and weekly care.

I have been using the Infusium 23 for a leave -in when I had braids so I continued with it. I alternate between the carrot oil and castor oil, mainly because I like them both but using them together makes my hair too heavy.

The Creme of Nature Detangling shampoo works awesome and smells wonderful as does the conditioner, although I will still be trying other conditioners since I am looking for more slip.
I was having a problem with my 'fro shininess" and the IC Olive Oil sheen did the job without leaving my hair greasy.

I think my favorite product is the QP Mango Butter thus far.

So that's it. That is my routine and the products I will be using mainly. But look out for the weekly product reviews.