Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RCF using IC Fantasia Gel

I set my hair last night using my normal arsenal, except I added IC Fantasia in as well. I usually only use this for a flat twist set. I hoped to have even MORE curl definition (I know I am greedy) than normal, but it took even longer to dry than usual and its a bit more crunchy, not as soft.

I think I will stick to my castor oil or mango butter and save the IC for wash and go's.

Soooooo my Rockn Curly Fro is simply a Funny Fro, HA!!! Oh well comes with experimenting right....

2 more days until braids and I think I will be protective styling until January at least with a week of rest in between.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Totally Twisted

I have been hearing bunches about Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration and Totally Twisted conditioners. So I thought I would give one a try, I say one in an effort to control my PJness. So I couldn't wait to get to Wal-Mart to get the conditioner, castor oil and MSM. Then I got there of course added on a few things like these cool sponge rollers that have a satin slip on them to prevent breakage and drying out the hair. I also got a few extra duck bill clips.

So this is the set up I used to complete my style.

Herbal Essence Totally Twisted ( I chose this one first since it made esp. for curls and waves
Infusium 23 leave-in
Detangling Comb
Duck bill Clips
QP Elasta Mango Butter
No break hair bands

I did about 15 or so twists and then put organics growth oil on my finger-parted parts. I woke up and the hair was dry but I had to make a trip to the gym, so I left them twisted while working out. After working out, I showered and then had to use the blow-dryer on low heat, low power to dry roots as much as possible. Afterwards I did my fluffing and part covering and threw on a headband.

Here are the results.

I like using the smaller twists better for definition but I like the bigger twists for the bigger look over all.
Conditioner verdict: I am in love with the heavenly smell of the conditioner. It gave me good slip but I couldn't tell if it were any more slip than Creme of Nature that I have been using. However I noticed right away the difference it made in my curl pattern. I would have worn it like that without twisting if I had no relaxed ends to weigh the front down.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dealing with Negativity and your Natural Hair

I have been looking at my hair and examining it over and over and over again. Mostly simply because I have not gotten used to it, but also because for some I had been looking at it through critics eyes. I know that I made my hair bigger than it really is. I had already mentally prepared myself for the comments and looks. However I didn't know about the actual emotions we through as natural individuals. The emotions that we have within ourselves about our own hair. But I like my hair and I am wearing it just like the rest of my fly arse styles. I ran across an article about misconceptions and issues dealing with natural hair.

Please read (or scan) the article and post your comments and maybe even share a situation you have personally dealt with.

I'll go first. I was so excited about my RCF (Rockn Curly Fro) that I sent picture mail to my sissy and her response was "You need to perm that shit". WOW! It stung a little bit because my baby sis always supports me and this time took a jab at me. I just let roll off and fluffed my fro...."eff it," is all I said.

Rockn Curly Fro

What's Up CURLIES????
Last night I could NOT WAIT to get home and try out Curly Nikki's Twist n Curl ( ) using my brand new products.

Using my 2009 winter routine and her method of chunky twists is how I accomplished my Curly Fro. I had to modify it due to my hair being much, much, much shorter than hers. I used "no-snag" bands at the ends of my hair instead of perm rods. I did about 10-11 twist by finger parting. This is what it looked like after I twisted and banded:

I wrapped it up in a satin drawstring bonnet and went to sleep. To do the whole process it took me about an hour. When I awoke the following morning it was still a tiny bit damp so a dried it a little on low. Before I removed the twists I put some Organics Growth Oil on my scalp and worked it in. I then removed the duck bill clips and bands and used my fingers to pull through the hair from the scalp. I did not pull through the end of the curl except for places where my part needed to be disguised. On my next try I am going to add a center row to minimize parts.
Here is the final product:

I love it!!! I learned it is affectionately called a Jewish Fro but I hate that sounds racist. So I am choosing to call it the Rockn Curly new signature style.

Official Winter 2009 Routine

...For now...

No really. Hey Curlies! I am proud to announce that after days of research and finding the products I need, I actually have a routine. Can I get a woot woot?? Okay lame. I have been transitioning using braids and corn rolls with the Crown and Glory Technique. In between braids I have to take care of my hair in a different manner.

So far the best method I have got is:

  • Wash/Cowash
  • Detangle
  • Condition
  • Leave-in
  • Moisturize
  • Seal
*Protein (Occurs only once every two weeks, my hair can't handle every week)
*Deep Conditioning weekly (That is still up for grabs)

This is my arsenal of daily and weekly care.

I have been using the Infusium 23 for a leave -in when I had braids so I continued with it. I alternate between the carrot oil and castor oil, mainly because I like them both but using them together makes my hair too heavy.

The Creme of Nature Detangling shampoo works awesome and smells wonderful as does the conditioner, although I will still be trying other conditioners since I am looking for more slip.
I was having a problem with my 'fro shininess" and the IC Olive Oil sheen did the job without leaving my hair greasy.

I think my favorite product is the QP Mango Butter thus far.

So that's it. That is my routine and the products I will be using mainly. But look out for the weekly product reviews.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Decision To Go Natural

For me the decision to go natural was based on my daily activities. I envied women of other races who casually get in the pool or workout and then wash their hair and think nothing of it. I love working out, it is a must to stay healthy. I love the pool and sunbathing on the beach, but it just took too much work to make my hair look decent. That is until I stumbled across black and bi-racial women who weren't chained to their hairstyle. I was amazed and I wanted in. I couldn't believe it, women just like me who could wash their everyday (if they should so choose) and not have to worry about their relaxer or how long it would take to flat iron it.

I started stalking and and blogs like and After reading over and over articles of naturally curly hair and wishing and dreaming my hair looked like that, I made my final decision. I am going natural.

I had just cut my hair into an asymmetrical bob in Nov 2008 and in April 2009 decided I wanted to grow my hair back. But this time without a relaxer. My hair was shaved in the back anyway what better time to start. So I have been wearing braids since June 2009. I plan to transition until April 2010, making a full year. Lately (in between braids) I have washing my hair and getting out with this head of beautiful curls except for this long side where it has been relaxed. I have been thinking about just chopping of 3 inches. My hair is short anyway...

Stay tuned to see if I do a mini chop or big chop before my next braids on 10/22.