Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Those Natural Girls

That is what I was called a couple nights ago by the fiance. To be honest, I smiled a bit at the thought. I mean I had transitioned for 6, almost 7 months before doing the BC and that was the end be natural. The more I have been reading and experimenting I am going more towards all natural products for not just my hair but my body as well. I can make most of the things that I use and or need.... Does this make me a natural girl. I'd like to think so.

What do you ladies think of when the term "those natural girls" are used. Most people tend to think they are vegetarians, who grow and make everything they use from toothpaste to diesel fuel (lmao), pot-smoking, reggae/neo-soul listening chicks. True I love reggae and neo-soul but I am also a HUGE pop music fan and even some rock. Sure I make body cream and hair products but I am not above trying the new product or eating NY strip.

I am just a normal girl who happens to be obsessed with my natural, chemical-free hair.I love the hair GOD gave me and love being as pure, fresh and simple as possible when it comes to eating and hygiene.

So what about you ladies? How do you feel to categorized in the group and what does it mean to you?