Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kissably Soft Feet (DIY Pedi)

...okay so maybe nobody's kissing your feet, but they will be soft enough to....

I got the initial pedi procedure from but I tweaked to match what I had on hand. Most of these things were steps that I already take but adding Borax (yes Borax) to the mix was new to me and also the foot mask.

I followed her procedure but I didn't have any flowers and let my feet soak for twenty minutes. I made my scrub using whipping cream, sugar, vanilla and honey. Also I used some Bath and Body Works shea butter because I haven't received my 100% unrefined shea butter yet. I then wrapped feet in the saran wrap (have been doing this for years). I skipped the mask because I didn't have any on hand and I just wanted to work onmy "runner's feet".

I like to do it myself because as I often as I need this done, my pockets won't allow and not to mention I hate the mani/pedi salon as much as a hair salon. I know you are thinking my feet must be horrible, no they are not but to keep them from being horrible I have to pay alot of attention to them. I run about 25-30 miles a week.

I won't sleep in the saran but it has been on about 3 hours and will be about 5 by the time I take it off. My feet felt wonderful before this process and I can't wait until bedtime to check out the finished product.

If anyone tries this let me know how it went and if you tweaked anything or not. Ooowee I have summer feet!!!!