Friday, January 8, 2010


Hey Curlies! Longtime no

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

I started out this journey just wanting to have healthy, long hair. Then after joining LHCF and with all the inspiration from natural heads I threw naturally curlicious into the description. I still do want that but maybe AFTER being locked. I have been contemplating sisterlocks for some time now. Actually I have secretly wanted dreads since a teen, ever since I saw this women who looked like me with them. I was at a cookout one day and I saw this women that was fair-skinned, with freckles but most importantly long, down her back blonde dreads. I thought, "WOW she is sexy and cool and everyone is watching her". I then began to try and imagine myself with dreads. Then I would think no and let it go until I saw some one else with them.

I have seen sisterlocks. I want them, not only do I want them but I want to install them for other people. I am seriously contemplating the 4 day training class in ATL. I think I would go to the class before even got mine installed.

I do wonder about something though. I only seem to see pictures of middle-aged women with them, with the exception of a few.