Friday, November 13, 2009

ORS Twist and Loc Gel

I did a twist out last night using IC Fantasia Gel, ORS T&L gel and some Leave in Infusium 23.

I sectioned my hair in quarters, doing the front portions first. On the first 1/4 I used all products listed above. I noticed my hair was drying quickly quite stiff. I like hold, but not hard.

I experimented and did the next 1/4 using only ORS and castor oil. The results were awesome. It seemed that without the gel the ORS could do its job better. So I finished all the hair that way.

I did smaller twists than usual but I love, love, love the results! My hair is soft (for the most part...RIP IC) and the definition is amazing. I am posting pics of the twists, after I took them out and the now (after a whole day of rain and humidity).

I need this style to withstand 13.1 miles and humidity in the morning.
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