Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My hubby told me that my hair looked cute today!

I am was so excited because he hasn't been exactly favorable of my hair experiments lately. Not that he is against my natural hair but he liked my hair before I had to "experiment" better. He is being patient and bearing with me awaiting length and luscious curls.

I have noticed that our husbands, fiances and boyfriends have mixed feelings about hair journeys. Some are supportive, some not so and others no opinion at all.

So I want to know what is your experience has been with your SO during your quest to Curly-dom and how dealt with it.


M. said...

My husband is cheap, so he loved the fact that I no longer shell out at least 60 dollars to get my hair did (every 2 weeks) w/ the added touchup needed (at 80 not counting tips). I spend so much less money on my hair (even though I'm a product junkie and love to try new things). Before my wedding I had twist and my hair was BSL (when blow dried) I hadn't chemically straightened my hair since 10th grade, but my mom wanted me to have straight hair for my wedding so I got it relaxed and of course my hair started to break off (short bob 6 months after my wedding).

BTW have you tried castor oil?

Miss Foufie said...

Mine is cheap too but I think he is embarassed of my hair so he would rather pay...lmbo
I just started using castor oil on my ends, I liked it. I put it on the ends of my braids under my quick weave wig every night. Kept them soft, but now I am on the hunt for Jamaican Black Castor Oil.